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October 08, 2010

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Returning for an 11th campaign, the FIFA soccer series makes a comeback on Nintendo DS with a host of improvements to make the portable soccer experience more authentic than ever. Updated graphics ensure star players are instantly recognisable on the pitch, while gameplay changes introduce the trademark moves of the world’s top stars into the mix. Expect to play crisp, creative passes with Kaka or leave defences dumbfounded with Andres Iniesta under your control. No matter who you’re playing with, a new set of skill moves empower you to leave your own mark on any match with an extensive offering of new tricks and flicks.

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With the addition of Ultimate Team and several brand new mini-games, it will permit the players to create a team by way of card collection in packs which are accessible by making use of in-game currency which has been earned via many activities done. You will have the chance to purchase player cards, coach cards as well as training cards so to enhance the abilities of your athletes and the team in general.

If Ultimate Team is not of your liking, there are other modes available for you to utilize. You can make use of the Manager Mode, be a part of the soccer club of your preference and still have substantial amount of fun. The Be A Pro is still usable although the camera angle is still deficient focusing only on an in-game player while obscuring the rest of the action.

The entire gameplay can either be played alone, by means if wireless Internet connection or directly to DS. The frame rate is still very consistent and will only fluctuate if the camera evolves to disclose a huge expanse of the pitch during goal kicks. The primary detractor of the soccer game is Al who at times can go in wrong directions and presents eccentric behavior. In addition, FIFA 11 is jam packed with dilemmas such as the other team will position themselves, advance the ball and do the same thing all over again. At times, the concept of every game which is to control real players is typically broken with FIFA 11 on DS.

Nonetheless, Exient somehow managed to place mini-games in order to break up the pace of the conventional action. About six games are available and most of them, utilize touch screen. An example of which is the sharp shooter drill which will let you bend the ball right into the goal just by using the stylus. Another is the game where the capability to position the hands of the goalie in order to block various shots is enhanced. These mini-games will somehow amaze you when boredom sets in during a FIFA game play.

Although, FIFA 11 is filled with Al concerns, the focal point of the game mechanics is still sensible resulting to a game that is enjoyable. In terms of the graphics, the details are very serviceable with the action flowing all throughout. The game play in general may have bulk of annoyances due to several Al issues but due to the mini-games, these matters are conquered. Since Ultimate Team is properly designed with further addition of DS camera, an enduring appeal of FIFA 11 is quite possible.

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October 08, 2010

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