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28 September 2010

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This is a game that has been there for a long time and has had very few features changed or added but it still remains one of the best football games. This game now has few hitches unlike the FIFA 10.

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Release Date: 09/27/2011

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FIFA 11 landed on the Xbox 360 by way of Activision, this latest football game is the follow up to FIFA 10 and included all new upgrades, we figured we would test out this latest football game to see what if anything has changed since our last encounter.

The main changes in FIFA 11 you will notice are the crosses are more efficient and they are met with more often impressive results, if performed correctly, with timing, the combination of the tweaked crosses and well introduced in this world cups game. However, here the game is taken further by the variety of how the crosses are responded to, whether they are an acrobatic volley or an outstretched toe or they are with a hammer-strong header.

This leads to greater chances of attacking, you will find that flanks are attacked and are now open and to score, it will take you more than hitting the ball around until it gets to someone who can put it straight in the goal. You will also notice that finding the back of the net is more difficult in FIFA 11. However it does not mean that just because there are more options it does not obviously follow that you will have more goals.

There is more emphasis placed on the good passes, with the games easier to overpower or under power the ball, also the postponing of a player is important here. You will also notice that there is more focus on individual player attributes than what the whole team does this is highlighted by the new prominence of the players in the team. The key to success in FIFA 11 is knowing each of your teams’ players and their strengths. If there is a star player on the other team, the best thing is to mark them out of the game. All these new elements combined, the game is more thoughtful and the best players are expected to think two to three moves in advance.

You will notice that the game is slower and more real and it is likely that some encounters in the field may bubble up. The game initially may lack the steadiness but as you progress, and if you can manage to have put in a goal at the last minute or so, this adds to the air of excitement. There is also the visual upgrade which helps raise the level of immersion, the new improved pitch textures that add life to the game while the key players’ resemblance has been enhanced . Sound too has bee upgraded to give an artistic feel to the game.

The crowd makes noises that are more atmospheric and are tailored to specific regions in the game. For example if you are playing a game in South America, samba drums will be heard. The voices of the ever-present commentators, Andy and Martin Tyler are also present. The fans’ screaming helps to sustain the atmosphere as well. The single player options that have been consolidated to a career mode that does not have some of the statistical disfigurements that were in the previous versions. The excellence of the game is what wins in this version otherwise there is no innovation at all. It is a game you will enjoy playing and the upgrades will make you enjoy the game more.

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