FIFA Soccer 12 - 3DS

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September 27, 2011

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FIFA Soccer 12 is the most innovative, feature-rich and authentic 3D soccer experience on Nintendo 3DS. Take to the pitch with superstars like Real Madrid’s Kaká and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, and become a true marksman using all-new optional touch screen shooting controls. Pick a spot precisely from the player’s viewpoint using the lower touch screen and then direct a shot with pinpoint accuracy. Whether fans take to the pitch as a real-world superstar or re-create themselves in the first-ever 3D Street Soccer Mode, the environment will come alive through an innovative curved pitch and unique lower camera view that maximizes full 3D effects.

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  • Developer(s):
    • EA Sports
  • Publisher(s):
    • Electronic Arts
  • Release Date(s):
    • September 27, 2011
  • ESRB Rating:
    • Everyone
  • Series:
    • FIFA Soccer
  • Mode(s):
    • Single-player
  • Local Play:
    • Vs/Co-op 1-2 Players
  • SpotPass:
    • Yes
  • 3D Mode:
    • Yes
  • Not Compatible:
    • Download Play
    • Internet
    • StreetPass

Technical Information

  • Average Playing Time:
    • 31 Hours
  • Also Known As:
    • FIFA 12 - 3DS (UK)
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Sports games come a dime a dozen these days, well half of that is true. Unfortunately, that dime part is not so accurate! At around forty to sixty mark, most people are likely getting tired of the same old story. While some sports games have a tendency to bring a half-hearted experience, this is definitely not true for all. Specifically speaking, Electronic Arts has brought the full package on a consistent basis for over two decades. This bodes true for their soccer/football series too!

The FIFA series has been a critically acclaimed game for the last several years. Seemingly, it can do no wrong right now as in recent years it has become one of the hottest sporting games worldwide. Even having some success in the handheld device scene in 2012, with its release of FIFA Soccer 12 for the Nintendo 3DS. While it is safe to say most people would prefer the FIFA experience on the home console, FIFA Soccer 12 for the 3DS actually does not miss a beat at all.

A good way to look at the 3DS experience would be that it is a slightly stripped down version of an already well-oiled machine. Slightly because it is not a completely watered down version of itself, all though not everything is included in this version of the game. Probably the biggest let down being that you cannot access full online play. It should also be worth mentioning that a major aspect to the games popularity on the home console is due to its great online experience. However, you can play standard matches wirelessly with a local friend as well as street matches.

What it does have is the full on licensing of all the teams and leagues to play in. Play a standard match or delve right into the fully featured modes including career mode, be a pro mode, or the previously mentioned street matches, which is only available on the 3DS and Nintendo Wii version of the game. Be a pro mode takes you right into the game, right on the field, perhaps as you yourself! Create your player as detailed as you would like, improve your attributes and level up as you progress. Career mode takes you off the field to oversee things, run your football team to get the best out of them on the field. Ultimately, no matter what mode you choose your goal is to not only win but also win every possible cup known to man.

Quite possibly the best thing about playing FIFA Soccer 12 on the Nintendo 3DS is that you cannot get the same experience on any other console. Being that the 3D graphics pop out especially when utilizing the pro 3D close camera setting. When you focus your 3DS to its full 3D potential it really puts you right into the middle of the action! This cannot be replicated on any other console. The game has a great overall feel and atmosphere to it, playing could not be any easier as the button controls are smooth. Not to mention that it is pretty darn to cool have an excellent football game that fits in your pocket. Throw in sophisticated yet simple touch controls as an added option and you have a well-polished game.

FIFA Soccer 12 and the FIFA series in general may be more popular on the home consoles, but the 3DS version definitely packs a punch or kick for that matter.

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Electronic Arts

Release Date:

September 27, 2011

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