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September 26, 2011

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In FIFA Soccer 12, players get to hit the pitch or the street with your favourite soccer stars, earn awards and build your very own FIFA City designed exclusively for the Wii. Compete for awards throughout every game mode and unlock the most coveted players to create your dream club of superstars to compete for your city against teams from neighbouring cities. FIFA Soccer 12 has 15,000 licensed players and more than 500 clubs for which they can play. There are improvements in the on pitch action, most notably the player's reaction to body challenges, and more attention is given to player injuries.

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FIFA 12 for Wii, when taken alone is in fact pretty good game, but when compared to the versions of the game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions it looks like a poor relation.

There are redeeming features such as Support Your Club in which you can represent your home, or any other town, and attempt to guide them to glory by playing against other such teams. Success is measured by a league table which positions you relatve to other game players who are taking part that mode's competition.

Over 500 officially listed clubs and more than 15,000 players are available to build teams around. There are of course the necessary year on year improvements in the control of the on pitch action such as dribbling, passing and bodily contact, and injuries also play more of a part the game. There is some doubt about the goal scoring mechanics as you can often score goals from totally unrealistic positions. Running off the ball is an art that no football game as has as yet mastered and team tactics is another grey area and is a problem which I believe wil not be overcome any time soon.

The game's visuals also suffer dramatically compared to other versions of the game. The textures are blocky, the crowd lacks detail and the commentary at times is quite laughable, as the commentators randomly shout out catchphrases that have nothing to do with what's really happening on the field at the time. Load times are also longer on Wii than on other systems, and the menus just lack the detail and polish seen on other systems.

If the Wii is the only system that you own, FIFA 12 is a passable video game. It's arcade style play can be fun and enjoyable at times, especially with another player beside you. FIFA City does give the game some depth and replay value as you strive to unlock the various objectives. But if you own an Xbox or PS3, stay away from the Wii version.

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September 26, 2011

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