FIFA Soccer 13 - Wii

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September 25, 2012


FIFA Soccer 13 on Wii allows traditional 11 versus 11 matches with over 500 officially licensed teams, and more than 15,000 players to choose from. Or hit the streets to compete in 5 versus 5 street matches with the world’s biggest stars to produce rewards to develop your FIFA City. Experience the deepest and most engaging Manager Mode ever created for FIFA for the Wii. Compete as team manager with the power to take your favorite club to the top of the league table and keep them there.

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The FIFA video game series is one of the most popular in the world, although more popular in Europe than the United States. Its release in certain parts of Europe is celebrated the same way EA's Madden franchise is celebrated in the U.S. People lining up to get FIFA 13 for the Wii this year probably waited in line with much excitement to see what next exciting changes were made in this year's update. Then, those same poor people, got home, fired up the game and soon realized that they just wasted $60. FIFA 13 for the Wii is essentially FIFA 12 for the Wii with a roster update. That's it. I could stop the review here if I wanted to.

Everything from the title screen to the player select screen to the pixels that make up the players and the pitch they play on is identical to FIFA 12. Electronic Arts did NOTHING new with the 2013 version of this game, other than bring the player rosters up to date for the new year. If someone that saw you playing FIFA 12 for Wii last year walked in and saw you playing FIFA 13, they would probably ask you why you were playing last year's game. Further infuriating is that EA is charging full price for this rip off of a game. A roster update downloaded from EA's website is sometimes free for other titles or a few dollars at best. But no, EA just took $60 of your hard earned dollars and the only time they lifted their finger to do anything was when they put their hand out to take your money.

This matter is made even worse when you stop and realize that even EA's FIFA 12 for Wii was a mediocre game at best that received relatively poor reviews. The Wii version of that game was lacking major features that were on the Xbox and PS3 systems. But instead of doing something to improve the game the following year, EA simply shoveled the same garbage out again. If you need a reminder, FIFA 12 for Wii suffered from poor visuals, laughable player models, a lack of detail in the stadium and commentary at times that does not match up very well with the action on the field. FIFA 12 for Wii (and obviously, FIFA 13 for Wii) is a much less realistic version of the game than what you would get on the PS3 or Xbox. It has much more of an arcade style feel to it.

FIFA 13 as a franchise is not a total loss this year though. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 updates did actually receive more significant updates. Your $60 is much better spent this year on one of those platforms. If you want this game on a Nintendo platform, FIFA 13 for the Wii U, Nintendo's new console, has the feature updates offered in the Xbox and PS3 versions that this regular Wii version is sorely lacking.

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September 25, 2012

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