Folklore PS3 User Review

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PlayStation 3


The game takes place in two different locales. The first is Doolin, a small village that allows access to the Netherworld, the land of the dead. ThatÂ’s the other locale that youÂ’ll adventure in after a short time spent in Doolin to discover how to access it. Once there, youÂ’ll begin the long journey that will end up with you solving a mystery to set the town at ease again.

When you start the game, youÂ’ll have to select from one of the two characters to play through the game as. DonÂ’t grow too attached though, since youÂ’ll end up having to play the game with both characters so that they can be at the same spot in the storyline at the end of the game. That facet leads to one of the few flaws in this game, that many times immediately after you have beaten a level, you have to go back and defeat the same level with your other character. Fortunately, the way that the characters battle is subtly different, despite the fact that they use the same weapons, so it doesnÂ’t get too old, too fast.

The way that combat is done in Folklore is indeed unique. First, a Folk must be weakened in the Netherworld. Once they are, your character can steal their soul. This increases your current magic power and also gives you the capability to use that Folk yourself for attack or defense against other Folk. The unique system becomes even more unique and creative when you realize that you have to use the PS3 SixAxis controller in order to capture FolksÂ’ souls. Once youÂ’ve locked onto the weakened Folk, you have to physically snap the controller up and back towards you, like hooking a fish. If youÂ’ve done the maneuver correctly, your character absorbs the soul and takes the skill, if they donÂ’t have it yet.

Like other RPGs, this one allows you to further improve your skills as you go along by completing certain tasks for the Folk souls that you have trapped. These tasks could be gathering certain items, or defeating certain Folk. When you accomplish enough of these tasks for an individual Folk type, the skill becomes upgraded.

Folklore is the first of a whole new generation of role-playing games for the new systems. The increased capability of the PS3, as well as continually increasing capabilities in all the next-generation systems, will continue to allow RPGs to find unique ways to interact with players, as long as the game producers keep innovating new systems for play. As long as they do, weÂ’ll continue delving into their stories until they have no more stories left to tell.