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September 28, 2010

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This is a first person shooter will also the ability to play online, a complex and fast pace game where you fight in various cities, a swirl of destruction awaits those who play this game, see user review.

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In the year 2171 as Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer who’s handy when in a wanzer, you’re in a thirdperson shooter where you mostly drive your giant war machine, clunking and bumping around at a fair old pace while firing at other robots. There’s also a part of the game where you’ll find battling enemy mechs on foot. This man against machine combat is well-paced, and taking out an enemy wanzer with only a rocket launcher is a satisfying feeling, but these sections of the action seem like afterthoughts to fill in a bit of time.

Back in your wanzer you’re given ample opportunies between missions to glam up a bit. A bit of paint here and a few upgrades of skills, weapons and armor. You can gear up with things like more weapons and then still more weapons. All needed in the frequent and difficult boss battles. Even though most battles involve taking on higher performance wanzers, you never feel completely outclassed because you’re the underdog, and will do what underdogs do, devise a strategy.

The levels are often a bit tedious but, fortunately, short and there’s enough variety in the types of environments you travel through, from bunkers and bridges to streets and jungles, to make things interesting.

Evolved is a bit repetitious, but to be fair there is a lot more intrigue and politics involved in the story than reviwed here, and at least the repetitive bits are repeating something enjoyable.

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Mar 30, 2014

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Release Date:

September 28, 2010

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