Funky Barn 3D 3DS

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03 April 2012
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3DS Wii U

Funky Barn is a single player farm simulation game with a comedy theme. The game is packed with cute cartoon animals and life on the farm will keep you occupied for a long long time. The wacky farm machinery with comedic names is a sight to behold and fun to watch in action.

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In Funky Barn for the 3DS players inherit a farm that has seen more prosperous times, in other words pretty much neglected. They start off with a little money, the farm land, and some basic machinery. As animals are bought the player mus provide for their needs. Shelter, food and veterinary attention must be provided and this usually means money must be spent.

Special machines will help the player to perform tasks that are essential for animal and crop production. Tasks such as shearing sheep, milking cows, collecting eggs, sowing and harvesting various grain crops and picking all manner of fruit. The machinery for carrying out these tasks is imaginatively designed and named and is in itself a wonder to behold, examples being the Egg Robot Sucker Upper and the Hay Bale Copter.

Then of course tractors and lorries are needed to move stuff around the farm and to carry produce such as milk, eggs, wool and even animals to market. The amount of work involved in running your farm is almost beyond belief. Of course, if you manage your farm well, money will accumulate and extra labour can be hired to make your life easier.

The controls are not always easy but the game itself with its degree of customization, its wacky animals and incredible machinery is still well worth playing. After all, in a comic game with no strong element of competition the controls are of less importance than in combat games. The game is probably aimed at children but I am sure that adults will find the humour that went into the design of the animals and machinery will win them over.

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