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This new series has brought about a lot improvements but still provides a big similarity with its predecessors. It still is equipped with the same whips, mighty orbs, titans, and vicious monsters. Also, the main story remains unchanged as well as the fantastic settings, all you need to expect is now more challenge and thrill.
Your main character in the game will be played by Gabriel Belmont which also the same with its previous episodes. This game still features his touching love story which consumes most of the 20 hours of the game. It will pretty much revolve around one quest throughout the game – to revive Gabriels’ dead wife.

This game is filled with emotions. You can feel it right from the beginning of the story when Gabriel exerts all his efforts to assist a town from pushing off a bunch of Lycans. As you battle with your enemies, the rain starts to fall down and you will feel a scene of despair, death, hate, and others. The struggle will be concluded by a duel with a giant werewolf and this will open your way to the next level.

Enemies that you may face inside the castle will be strong and vicious monsters like zombies, bats, vampires, ogres and a whole lot more bunch of disgusting creatures that don’t have a name in the monster book. You can easily slay them all with combos and hidden attacks that you can easily discover once you master the basic attacks.

The later part of the game will enable you to use Light as well as Dark Magic powers that will enable you to do more damage to your foes. The Light Magic will be in charge of healing your character while the Dark Magic will take charge of the bashing. Its pretty easy to play actually and you can finish this early with enough training and once you familiarize with the monsters weak points. This game is good for adventure game overall.