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Valkyria Chronicles II and the rest of its series is a challenging strategy role-playing game which are much loved by the many fans of the genre, that being the third-person shooter with anime design genre. This game starts two years after the ending of the first installment. The beginning of the story reveals the personality of the duchess as a Darcsen, a race that has dark hair. With this shocking revelation, the country is then set in turmoil and some people begin to rebel against their governance and start to create an insurrection.

Your main character will be the slacking teenager Avan Hardins who did nothing more but complain and think that the army is of no good use at all. However a twist in the story transforms him from a slacker to the best fighter in the kingdom provided that he gets along with his class who turn out to be a bunch of misfits like him.

The game shows a fair story of the weak being the strong. As individuals you and all the members of your crew are all just a bunch of juvenile delinquents. However, as a team, they can do everything!

After every quest, you will be prompted to a 3D painting of your school. On here, you can upgrade your stats or points as well as take other missions. Also, you can unlock hidden skills and abilities of your squad which can help you finish every mission quicker and easier.

The visuals and audio for Valkyria Chronicles II are also something worth praise. It's got an anime theme that is really in trend to the modern eye as well as music and voices that are well suited to every scene.

If you haven't been able to check out the first version of this game then you're in for a treat because the tutorial mode of this game pretty much summarizes all the important things you should know about. The important details include the history of your character, your allies, skills, abilities and how to use things. This game is really easy, fun and exciting to play. A two thumbs up!