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This game features something much more than the movie has to offer. It features a game where you can actually do the movements yourself. In this game, you will be playing the role of a Na’vi, who are the blue skinned dwellers of the planet Pandora which has been invaded by humans with the intention of plundering their natural resources. Just like the movie, you will need to figure out a way to stop the humans before they devastate the planet, and at the same time do your best to survive.

In order for you to control your character you will need precise movements like those you want your character carry out. One of these movements involves swinging your Wii Remote every time you want your Na’vi to attack using his or her melee weapon. You can do both vertical and horizontal attacks, and any basic attacks with just raising, swinging and bashing with the Wii Remote. Most of the time through out the game you will be waving your Wii control repeatedly just like a madman conducting an orchestra. It’s pretty much an exercise routine while having fun.

While your staff acts as the basic weapon for making melee attacks, you will also be able to use a bow for a long range attack. You will be able to adjust your camera for a closer view in order to get a better aim of your intended target, and this works pretty well. Once you focus on your distant target you need to wait for your cursor to turn red to indicate that the target is locked and you are guaranteed a kill.

Although this game is all about combat and defeating the invading bad guys along your way, you can also avoid an enemy when you want to. Your Na’vi character has the ability to blend in with his or her environment and turn invisible as you pass through guards or hard to defeat enemies. This means when you detect an enemy who is carrying a weapon you can switch to stealth mode and just sneak past them.

While just a variation on a much labored natives versus invaders fighting theme it is entertaining but not for too long. If you are a new gamer you may find it an amusing introduction but, if an experienced gamer, forget it.