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Since Wii has been making a huge success over the gaming world, Nintendo had decided to blend some of their masterpieces with them. With that collaboration, they came up with another masterpiece – Mario Power Tennis. This game features a very nice Play control design and visuals that are very much in detail – from the Mushroom Kingdoms’ characters to the tennis play.

The addition of motion control to the classic game of Mario was pretty much ingenious and rare. With this game, people will still have fun – young or old because of its comic visuals and the exercise brought about by the Wii Controller. This game requires precision, timing and a bit of force just like the real game, so every time you win a match, you would feel like you can make it through the big leagues.

As mentioned earlier, due to the advancements to this game brought about by the Wii controller, you can easily maneuver your shots or services. The system quickly responds to all your commands and actions during gameplay. It’s got a much enhanced visual effect that makes the tennis environment very vibrant and clear. Also, a ball trail can also be viewed every time you toss a ball for a serve – this gives you the opportunity to view the way you serve the ball and make necessary adjustments for a perfect serve.

Ever since Nintendo joined forces with Camelot Software Planning, Mario Tennis has been earning great reviews over the gaming world. Its pretty much an excellent multiplayer game. In fact, it is branded as one of the best tennis videogames at present. The game still remains addictive, fun-filled and it also a good number of game modes to ensure that boredom will not come in mind when playing the game. Overall it entertained me enough.