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The UK Truck Simulator is a game full of thrill as the truck maneuvers the roundabouts, the challenging bends and this leaves other drivers on the road intimidated. The game will take you to trekking across the whole country; you will be making deliveries at the same time ensuring that you keep to deadlines. When you load the truck, you are greeted by some techno-rock music; you will then cross through the mainland of Britain. Cabs from different manufacturers will be moving along with you from locations like Glasgow, Felixstone, Sheffield and Grimsby in many motorways like the M8, M1 and so on.

The game starts by you being taken round the thoroughly detailed truck and you will be taught how to fix cargo trailers before getting on to your first mission which will take you from one city to another. Most of the time will be spent on the roads moving across the country and you will be expected to respect other road users at the same time you should take the necessary exits to get to your destination.

You will have to maneuver through small roads when reaching your final destination of delivery. When you wharf you will fit in a new trailer and get on with the next delivery. The game is all about the deliveries and moving across the country delivering the loads to their destinations. You will do delivery after delivery and get on with the game like so. Majority of your time on this game is spent on the motorway and it is somehow boring safe for the panning around the cab, and maybe admiring the steering wheel.

You will at times find your mind running across the lanes mindlessly because you are so idle and your mind may be wandering. You will be awarded at the end of each errand and the award is in form of money, you will be awarded depending on how fast you made the deliveries, how well you drove the truck and the condition in which the shipment was delivered in. The cash you get in awards can be used to buy better bigger trucks and even a garage where you will store the tracks. When you smash on another motorist or fail to observe the traffic rules, you will get penalized by giving you less cash on what you should earn at the same time your reputation will be greatly destroyed.

You will be demoralized when another driver knocks your trailed down. When you put your truck to a stop for them to pass, this reduces your ranking as well. If you are learning to drive, this is the game for you. However, be ready for a dull game unless you enjoy trucking in general.