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The game has perfect controls that you will love. The button pad is quite soft and comfortable for anyone, children to adults. The game is compatible with the Wii wheel or commonly known as the Wii mote. When you use joystick, it is even better because it responds very well. You can make wide turns by making small movements on the joystick and surprisingly, it will not steer and mess you up. Trackmania has got three game types; puzzle, race and platform. When racing, you have time limit and you try to finish the game within a certain time and you get a reward I form of bronze, gold or silver.

There are other cars in the race, but these are not real, so it is up to you to finish the fastest so that you can win the medal. For the Puzzles, you should go to the track editor. Here there are start, finish and checkpoints. Your job here is to connect all these points using the given pieces of track and then race over it just like a race game mode. You will not encounter ghosts here because some puzzles have many solutions to connecting the pieces. The platform is where you get a race but you are not supposed to be fast because time does not count. You are supposed to finish the race within the least possible respawns.

If you get respawns; you are awarded with a gold medal. It is advisable to note that there are no ghosts as well here. These game modes take place in six different areas. Each of these has its own specific type of a car. There are snow, Island, Stadium, Desert, Rally and Coast cars. Each of these cars ids handled differently. You do not necessarily get the fast place while racing on all cars, in others you may even come last! If you have done all the races, you use the track editor to make use of the tracks just as you like, say when you have got bored of all the tracks. There is a tutorial on how to use the track editor.

There is also the option of sharing the tracks with over the internet, you as well can download new tracks from other people or you can also download directly from the Wii.The game has a multiplayer, a Wi-Fi Mode, there is also a shop where you can purchase new tracks, car skins and track editors. The money earned I the races are used to pay for the new items.

There is not much music in the game, the graphics are just the same there is no variety. As much as the game is good the game has some notable drawbacks, the music is quite simple, and it takes long time to load. All in all you will enjoy it overall.