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The game is set up around the findings of Dr.Drake. Here you will find adventures that surround the big mansion and there is a museum that contains your findings and the environment there also plays a supporting role. There is also a room, a laboratory which is used to make portions like those used to restore elixirs, there is also a storehouse where equipment used to catch dragons are stored. The equipment includes cages, baits and some protective gear from fire. There is also a place where you are supposed to store all the dragons that you capture, and you will finally find a hangar in which a blimp lives in. You will use this large airstrip to sail round the globe when you choose which expedition you want to take up.

When you decide the expedition you want to go on, you have officially started the game. When you land in some location that you are unfamiliar with then you will begin the process of investigating the surrounding. Say you land in South America as your destination. You will begin like someone who is investigating a crime scene, or like a hunter looking for an animal to prey on, walking carefully looking at some points that might be of interest. To play this game you will have to use a stylus or the buttons on the control pad, well depending on the move we want to take. If you discover some footprints you have to mark them because they could lead you to the prey, use the stylus to mark. Then you use the microphone so that it dries the marked area. Subsequently if you find other suggestive hints like the bones, claws, feathers you will use the touch screen to wipe out the anything around it. This is all what the game is about basically.

Every activity you undertake is quite simple. There are other activities like mixing of dung with chemicals so that you can make some potions. From here the rest of the game is all about the minigames. You will use the dragons you have captured in the main mission for the mini-games. Most of the time you are trying to fill up the museum with the dragons and other things that you collect.

You will however encounter some problems as you play the game, the camera time you are given for some of the mini-games to be captured or some action at times runs out before you can complete the mission. Some of the control also tends to be picky and you may not be able to cover all that you wish to. All the same the problems are minor and should not keep people from enjoying the game.