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Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 is just fine when viewed on 2D real time strategy, just like the previous version of Command and Conquer games. When navigating the games’ environment you should select and move your groups of units. Red Alert 2 does not offer any advanced alternatives of your units. The units are good in many ways. The game plays quite smoothly. Initially you will have some trouble as you try to direct your attacks because it can be hard as you try to see an enemy approaching you, especially in a higher resolution.

In Red Alert the number equivalent to the battle groups is look slightly larger next to each unit. The small drawbacks in the game are easy to get used to. Most of the games edges are easy to access they are also more rewarding as you get used to playing the game. You can for instance set way points for a number of groups that will conduct these groups concurrently. Doing so might not though be the best option in a battle. The lower portion of the edge is used to build many structures and units that are available for your group and it is divided into four tabs. To see all the available you should click on the respective production tab so that you can view all the available base structure, infantry units, base defenses and the available vehicle units.

You will also find that in Red Alert that there is some fair improvement from the previous Command and Conquer games. You will find that under the Production tab you can only build sea, land and air vehicles all at a go from the vehicles tab. You can as well build any and all the tabs concurrently. In the previous Command and Conquer games you were restricted to building only one type of a structure at a time. This change in this game makes the gameplay to be fast paced because you can oversee the production of the base infrastructure as well as the defenses all at once. The fact that you need to balance your resources more carefully makes the resource management more interesting.

You need to assemble a large force that will protect you from attacks. There are two evenly matched groups: the Soviets and the Allied. Many of the units available for the two factions are very different as well as being quite original. For example the Soviets have small unit that look robot like. The Allies have specialized infantry units which can teleport anywhere on the map. Most of the units in Red alert are very strong and that makes the combat satisfying. You will also notice that a small team of the Soviet disaster tanks will easily destroy a lightly defended enemy base.

Red Alert 2 is a good game and especially with the mechanics and the interface as well as its multiplayer Mode. Visually though the game is not very impressive but all in all the game is quite enjoyable. If you are a fan of Command and Conquer games, then you will most definitely love this advanced and improved version.