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Coming into the game you will see a very well researched story line. Things will go crazy around you from the very moment you enter in the triangle. The game starts from a submarine crash scene and then you will yourself in a very mystical island and then you will play your game there but this is not the only twist in the game. The story will take many twists as the time goes by.

Game allows you two types of things at the same time, which are hidden objects game play and also you can move freely around the park. You will be given a certain area in every scene and few objects that will help you to find the hidden objects. You can solve some puzzles very easily and find the desired objects but often you will find a scene in which objects are very well hidden and you need to find their pears.

There is no time limit in the game and if you get stuck somewhere you will have two options available. One to skip that puzzle and move to the next one or you can have a hint and try to solve the puzzle and locate the object. There is also an option of talking to other characters, in this way you can learn what is the other player’s strategy and then by knowing the game better you can play it in a better way.

Overall Hidden Expedition Devil's Triangle is a well crafted and well developed game. This game will give you a perfect experience of puzzle game playing and hidden object finding can be a challenge sometimes. The only thing that people can say that this is not very well built, the game is a little shorter from it previous versions. People will feel that there should be some more of it when they finish it. So this is the only area where the developer should pay attention.