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The game gives you a lot space to play it. You have more than a dozen playing method in the games. Also you can go online and play with some experienced campaigners to check your expert level. The best feature that I found in the game is that you can create your own game with your own set of rules. You can reduce the tax percentage, you can utilize parking fees and even more you can double your money just by having a go instead of saving it.

The only thing that you will find a little sloppy is the game presentation. The developers tried their best by giving a full 3D environment but this sometimes looks little odd. Monopoly lovers always want to play me on the classic game board. And when you play online then you will little delays if your opponent is playing on some other platform. These delays do not look very good if you want to enjoy the game. You can do one thing to stop that and that is you choose to hide the dice movement, but again this wont help as you always want to see that what the other player is doing and thinking of doing.

Well over all I found monopoly quite enjoyable as I is a very big fan of monopoly. This is a very good deal if you have no one to play with. “Monopoly Streets” cannot make new fans but if you are already a Monopoly lover then this will certainly give you some fun and entertainment as much as the previous release does.

I think the only way to look at it is this, where else can they really go with this title, I also think the original was hard to beat, although this one is on par with that, a different spin on the already much loved original.