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The story of the game is based on the 1990’s film Karate Kid, where you will be playing the role of a wimpy kid who is unskilled with self defense and who lacks courage to go against bullies. At first, you will need to find an old man - who is very skilled in the said art of Karate, and who will be the one to teach you all of things you need to master Karate. The main goal of this game will be to win tournaments and deal with the bad guys that try to bully you.

This game utilizes the Wii motions perfectly with every move. You can execute every move perfectly with the Wii remote every time your character uses a nun-chuck or a sword. You can also use two Wii controls when you want to go all out using two weapons on every hand. Attacks are made by simply pressing the buttons and moving the Wii controller on the air. Also, if you like to customize a certain move so you can easily perform it, you can simply go to the move editor. Like what was said earlier, the main focus of this game is to beat bad guys in order to get ranks.

The games’ graphics are pretty enhanced and lively. Every moves and actions are crisp and in detail. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful environments of this game varying from beaches to mountains and arenas. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy the game with the heart pumping sounds that every punch or kick brings about. Besides the actions music and sound effects, you can also find the upbeat fighting music of this game quite engaging.

During the game, you will also be able to unlock ranks as well as mini games that can help you upgrade items or skills. You can also share the fun with its multiplayer mode with a maximum of four characters fighting at the same time. Just be sure you don’t get to too serious with beating each other on the game.