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Disney Think Fast is more of a like a game show which is usually seen on television. At first, you will need to pick your character as a contestant to compete with other Disney characters for the game show. As you progress through the game, you will be excited to know that Genie from Alladin will do the hosting of the game. The main goal of this game will be simple – to answer all the questions that the host asks correctly. The game will be played by four contestants and all questions will be based on Disney movies, characters, and others. If you’re a fan of this company then this game is going to be somewhat easy for you.

The game is set to ask questions for those who have a good knowledge on Disney however, the difficulty can be adjusted to better Disney gaming experience. With every correct answer for a question, you will be rewarded with corresponding points and will then be summed up for the winning highest score. As you play your way through the game, you will also be able to unlock hidden characters as well as items to upgrade your characters looks.

If you have been watching game shows on TV then this game will be very familiar to you. as you may already know, its not purely question-and-answer. There will also be mini games or bonus rounds in between the game. One of these games include an observation game which uses clips from a movie and asks its contestants to identify something about the said movie. Also, you can also come across with a yes-or-no trivia question which is popular among game shows. There are a lot of variations of mini games that you can come across with and all correct answers possess a corresponding high point.

The visual of the game is also something to brag about because it features all the characters of Disney in full detail. Also, you will find the setting of the game pretty much engaging and fun with all the Disney colors and decorations.