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Lego Batman is the best block-building game that became popular because it is family orientated. The story telling is always part of introduction of the game and there are jokes shared which in you will really enjoy whilst playing it. You will love Robin in his funny punch lines and coward face, the Lego Batman is based on the comic story and characters. Batman and Robin are partners in crime in stealing treasures, unleashing the flock of penguins. They are bad guy heroes of today that fights evil for maintaining goodness. Batman fights with rapscallion and the villain never tries to confront the Caped Crusaders. You can freeze the enemies with ice or give them a joy-buzzer handshakes and you can fight with big numbers of police.

The entire game setting seems to be real enough, it is a fighting game with problem solving puzzles thrown into the mix. Obviously, there are fake fighting punches and kicks against the attackers. Lego Batman is fully loaded of antagonists, so, you are in need to release power waves to defeat them while figuring out the puzzles. You can change their costumes that have certain skills and powers. For example, gliding like Batman and Robin. Like Robin, he is given a vacuum cleaner just for blocker sucker and Batman’s special gun that shoots only glasses but can not kill enemies.

Batman and Robin are good lead characters that inspire lots of kids, you can find them cool characters but when you encountered The Riddler or Mr. Freeze, you will surely forget them which is a shame. The best part of the Lego Batman game is the villain level. It is an unpredictable stage because there are new characters approaching. You will come face to face with Cat Woman in one of the levels and unleash the small penguin bombs.

It is an enjoyable experience if you are working as a team. The AI is useless, it cannot fight back with the attackers, meaning all over the game you are alone fighting with the enemies and solving the puzzle. The worst thing about it, during the puzzle game, you are asked to solve the puzzle but not alone, you need another solver. There is the AI but the problem is, every time you go it follows which mean that you cannot push through with the game with ease. So, it is impossible to win the game because AI is just like a partner and cannot do anything to help you in effect. Again when you meet the big boss you cannot defeat him because no one can help you.

Even though it is less sensible, you can find Lego Batman really fun. There are big numbers of unlockables like new characters and character’s costumes. Better play it with friends and you will surely enjoy the entire game especially Mr. Freeze more than in solo play.