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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 first came to the PC in 2010 and is considered by most to be a strategy first-person shooter video game similar to the other battlefield titles. It was developed by the EA Digital Illusions and published by Electronic Arts.

If you are new to the "Bad Company" game series you might be pleasantly surprised with what this game packs. It has been noted that the single player gameplay has been greatly improved, aside from its' previous release. You are simply on a mission to keep a mythical weapon out of the hands of the Russians. You will travel all around the globe, from the crowded jungles to the ice and snow. You and your team of soldiers must work together in order to complete your missions. Your goal is simple and you are on a mission to save the world from complete mass destruction.

The missions are equipped with fully destructible environments. Which means if someone is blasting you with bullets from a tower or inside a building you can blow them to shreds by launching a grenade at them. Unlike typical games where you can shoot a wall for hours, and nothing ever happens to the wall; this is simply not the case with Bad Company 2.

However, you may have noticed in the first Bad Company that the humor was a little overdone, and the missions were a little too open, and it was a little hard to make your way around with the massive amount of fog plaguing your visibility. Bad Company 2 has corrected all those problems and it actually plays more like Call of Duty. Aside from the that, the backgrounds are truly amazing.

This game has been improved from its previous release. Your vehicles actually handle realistically (however you still don't see any hands on the steering wheel.) What really makes this game give that war feel is that you no longer get re-spawned health packs. You simply have to get to check points in order to heal yourself, which is much more realistic. This gives you a sense to obtain your goal, too.

One area that Bad Company 2 really soars at is its AI squad. Guess what they actually behave as real soldiers in battle. They will simply hold their own while you go out and flank the enemy line. This is really a strong point in Bad Company 2 and many have noticed that it is much more realistic, rather than having a squad of deadbeats that don't really help you out any.

If you are going to buy Bad Company 2 you will probably not buy it just for its single player game mode. In fact, you can easily beat it in a matter of weeks. True, there are a lot of weapons that will make it worth your while to go back a couple times, but the multi-player game play is truly amazing.

Your enemy could be posted up in a shack, tower, ect, but this doesn't mean they will stay there. A couple well placed explosives and you could find yourself doing battle in a completely new spot. This really adds a lot of tactical know-how and strategy to the equation. There is everything from a conquest, rush, attack, defend, and even death match. You can play as a light machine gunner, medic, or heavy weapon specialist. You do have to work well with others if you want to conquer the online multi-player mode.

However, if you are buying this game for just its' single player game play, you will be let down. Its best attribute is simply the multiplayer gameplay. There is a lot of action and heaps of explosions. Choosing your squad and type of play equals endless amounts of gameplay. This is a game for the strategical minded gamers.