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As the game starts you will find yourself in an extreme action environment destroying everything that comes in your way. You will have some supernatural powers and with that you will destroy your fellow citizens and also the destruction of every building or vehicle that is in your way. After 5 to 10 minutes of this intense action you will flash back to 10 days previous. There you will find out how you ended up in this cruel and insensitive place.

Alex Mercer in short is awoken after having lost his memory only to find out that he has an immense about of super human abilities, A viral infection has broken out in Manhattan and in turn has altered the DNA of Citizens in such as way that they have turned in monsters, ever eroding.

The game provides you with so many powers that if I started discussing them all you will be tired of reading this review. As Alex Mercer I can get my arms transformed into blades and I can grow a shield around my skin which can protect me from even a tank bomb. Well there are other things too like stealing some weapon from your enemies and then using it against them. You can have plenty of weapons from hand guns to rocket launchers. In short you can get as much fire power as you want and can even shape-shift, you are in this game effectively what i refer to as the Daddy, you have more power than any other on the island.

With help of the above mentioned powers you can choose your own way of completing your missions. Whether you can do it silently or you can sabotage the entire building full of your enemies just by going straight in and hammering them around. The game gives you freedom to do almost anything, as the feeling of freedom is well imprinted in this game.

Overall, Prototype is a powerful performer which gives you full control over your game and you will be never fall short of resources to complete a certain task as you strive to take revenge. There is enormous amount of power in your character that makes him the best in whatever he does and more abilities will be given as you progress through the game.