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Soul Calibur Broken Destiny for the PSP gives you a better environment and forces you to attack at the same time as you defend. The story line is little old and greasy but the addition of two new characters makes it exciting. The combat grounds are pretty much the same as in the previous version but still the developers have done a good job to give them a newish look. You can go for weapon based fights which will encourage more people to play in this mode.

There are 22 characters available for you from the start and to make things a little more interesting there is a feature allowing you to create your own character as well. However the tools for customization of facial expressions and costumes are rather limited in their effects. Also there are not enough performance bonuses in terms of new costumes and weapons and this will probably be something of a disappointment for many players.

Your choice of character will not affect your performance. Controls are made really easy to command. You can move in 8 directions using your D control pad. Then you just need 4 keys to make basic moves of kicking and punching but you will find that there are far more advanced techniques which you will learn with time.

In its story approach it is little different from other fighting games in which you face some opponents and then their boss. You will have to cross three kinds of modes which are defense, attack and endless flavors. In first stage you have to face five opponents and by beating them you earn points to qualify for the next round. At the first attempt this could be challenging as you have to start with really small health and you have to save him in the end for your attack. But with practice you will learn the skills.

I won't spoil any more of the outline otherwise it will not be worth playing and overall it is difficult to recommend this game to the newcomers but for the seasoned players of Soul Caliber it will be a treat to play.