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The game is about being trapped in an island on your own. Just like any Sims game available, you will still be able to do pretty much everything you want with your Sim. At first, you will be creating a set of Sims who will be traveling together by boat which will eventually sink thus causing each Sim to wonder off to separate islands. You will then take control of one character and will be focusing mainly on surviving and getting off the island. However, you can also decide to stay and turn the island into your own home.

You will be handling survival in a countless number of ways. First thing that should come up to your mind when it comes to survival will be of course to eat. On the game, you will need to figure out how to feed your character – in order to eat you will need to do certain tasks like planting, gathering food in the forest or even catching them. All these tasks may be a bit difficult to do on bare hands but can be very easy with the use of a spear. With the spear you can easily catch fish in the ocean or hunt any animal that can provide you with meat.

Another task will be to provide your Sim with clothing and shelter – you don’t want your character running around with the same old clothes forever do you? Since, you will be left in an island with no technology or any malls where you can simply buy your clothes; you will need to find the right material that can be woven and worn.

Just like other Sims game, friendship will still be a factor that needs to be considered. On this game, you will need to create an imaginary friend just like Tom Hanks’ volleyball friend in Castaway. You can either build a sand buddy or find a coconut to serve as the head of your imaginary friend. You just need to be careful though since the island will be stuffed with a chimp who steals things, not to mention “imaginary friends”. These monkeys can be pretty mischievous but if you can find a way to make friends with these smart mammals, making friends with an imaginary friend will no longer be needed.

Pretty good game overall.