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Lego Indiana Jones 2 is a miniature of Lego figures. It is designed in The Crystal Skull. The concept of the game is based on the original crazy movie. For example, the refrigerator is used as the character’s bomb shelter. There is still the stage where in you solve puzzle and fight the attackers but it is improved. It has an open-world structure and personal habitat which contains challenges and more tricky puzzles. The adventure continues even you unable to solve the puzzle; you can proceed with the next level and go back with the first unanswered puzzle. The story continues as you are ready with the battle.

There are new stuff unlocked as the adventure goes on, for every purchase of items in the game you able to unlock doors of game quest. Having new characters will help you to succeed in the game, each characters also has its own skills that compliments with game requirement. Like one of the Lego figures is good in destroying chains and metal boxes using his bazooka and the other has wrench that can be used in fixing damaged machines. A crystal skull boosts the characters strength that can defeat snakes and spiders.

Lego Indiana Jones 2 has wheel mobile where in you have to control your driving as you compete with the others. Moreover, road checkpoints are hindrance of the game also the camera is worthless because you cannot clearly view the driving area that causes you difficulties in driving turns of left and right.

In puzzle-solving level, Indiana is widely used during the game and you can jump over the ceiling, get on the item from a far and wrap up the enemy and knock them down. It is fun and cool when you tie up the shaman then throw him and blow the fire of gun-toting maniac. In solving some of the puzzle there is a need of a partner to pass the challenge and the AI is there to help you. Usually there is less number of enemies approaching in each level for you to prepare for the next battle.

After you completed the six-act adventures, you can now go to the creator level where in you are given a chance to build your own level. The developer gives you the opportunity to create new sections of the game, change the height of terrine, fill out destructible objects and put buttons to easily change game level. It is hard for game beginners to do it but then, when you used to it and had the ideas on tips of emerging on the puzzles you will really enjoy revising the level. The only risk of it is there is no means of sharing it to others for fun. You can just share the puzzles to your buddies and there is no chance for you to be part of Lego Indiana Jones 2 developers.

Lego Indiana Jones 2 is interesting; there are lots of game offers for all gamers. It doesn’t take a long time to finish each adventure. You can go back with your missed items and unsolved puzzles. The most fun and cool thing with it as mentioned above is making your own Lego Indiana Jones adventure.

This is a good game, it is a shame you cannot borrow other people creations and swop them around to make entirely new missions and puzzles, hopefully in the future this option will be added to the future release games, assuming they make another sequel.