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In iCarly’s Wii game, there is party-game feature that the player needs to be completed successfully to help Carly, Sam and Freddie in putting together the pieces of segments for their online show. It is composed of different mini-games that the player will compete in every level. In each show or “webisode”, there is a time limit to finish the mini-games using a Wii remote. Games are composed of item balancing over the head, controlling of trampolines and finding of lost critters and alien spaceships.

iCarly games are cool and fun but then sooner or later you will get bored in playing it because the games are almost the same and just differ on graphics and styles. Observed it, in one of the mini-game there you need to balance the crockery over your head and in the up coming games it is replaced with slices of lettuce and tomato to build a sandwich.

Games like this give me a headaches, you are deeply thinking what to do because there are no hints and instructions to pass the challenge. In iCarly game, there are lots of control steps using Wii remote to point on the screen for pop ups. But then, ineffective moves are common errors during the game.

In the iCarly game, characters and graphics are totally animated. The graphics are low quality and kind of blurred. You may be thinking that it was an old game before. At first look, you may be in doubt and mistaken if it is a real iCarly game version because of not that good paper-doll version of the show characters and it is much better if the developer used the original segment recorded videos in the game.

Even there are times that the game suddenly ends before you able to pass it; the gamers are still rank on top once they used Wii remote. So, the iCarly game is said to be easy. There are moments, it is quite hard but it will not come a time that you will fail on it. Poor performance during the mini-games is not necessary mean that you lose; it will take effect on the “web-cred”.

While on the game, you can collect different decorative stuffs and fashionable accessories like hats and glimmering shoes. Those items are just collectibles and will not help in the game. There are sections in iCarly game for gadgets, fashion and unlockable items. Bad thing in the game is that you cannot dress up the characters, so all stuffs you may get during game are just for storage.

The background sounds in the game seems to be unnatural and obviously recorded. But then, there are lots of iCarly fanatics enjoyed the show and even the game. ICarly mini-games are played not only by single player but also multiplayer. So, you can enjoy playing it with friends and family. Less difficulty is experienced during the game because you have somebody to think with as you go across to game challenges. And with many similar games like iCarly out in the market, there is still little number of peoples who prefer iCarly as their choice.

I give this 4.0 out of ten, even that i feel is overated slightly, a poor game at best.