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Great Medieval Battle is a war game located in England or France. In here, you can choose what campaigns you want to engage in. Where in the usual scenarios are attack, fight, defense and escort.I was mainly interesting in this for the battles, wars, strategy games and rule-set games. They are thrilled with animated fight setting, guns and bloody effects. But then, it is common to encounter difficulties in playing this game type which so much going on.

The theme Of Medieval Great Battle is war game in a country setting, the common problem in the game is that even you are somehow familiar to it there are instance that you can’t continue because the game can get confusing at times. You can strategize at first and finely do it then it turns to be hard and you get ranked low.

In manipulating ranks for defense in attacked routes, you tend to used square formation. But you know it takes time of one by one positioning of warriors. It tends to block the others and causes conflicts on assigned task. You may able to form shapes such as mustache or a top-hat but the worst is you made a scattered yet weak positioning. It is disappointing that the game’s set up in leveling your units and in the process is widely confusing at times.

In a PC, it is faster and easier to manage units because this is more upgraded and advance program. On 360, changing of units before, within or after, all archers and infantry is strong. There is great rule setting, so, there is a real fun and excitement even too much effort exerted in the game. The final ending is the satisfying enjoyment it gives the gamer.

All and all, I found this game to be worth the money by a long shot! Its pretty fun and their is a ton of replay value jam packed into this game. I rate it 8 out 10.