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The God of War Ghost of Sparta will take you back to the time when gods and monsters collude to achieve a specific goal for their tribes. This game is very rich in terms of its graphics and designs filling your eyes with rich color and smooth action. You will find a hack and slash type of game in this popular PSP game. God of War: Ghost of Sparta concentrates on the heroics of the gods making sure that their boundaries will always be protected from enemies.

It entails tons of challenges and journeys that the hero must carry out. This is where monstrous creatures, such as giant eels, sea monsters and other unpleasant enemies will fill your PSDP screen. You can obtain various highly powerful weapons like blades, chain edged and swords. With these weapons, you can make any type of attack as long as your power is still up. Of course, like any other game, your strategy will matter most. It is advisable that you take on the other series of the God of War first before getting into the Ghost of Sparta, as this will enable you to first learn about the basics of how the game should be played and teach you some useful tricks and techniques that you can use with the Ghost of Sparta.

The God of War Ghost of Sparta is a highly competitive and exciting game. If you are a lover of journey and level oriented game types then this game is one that you will also appreciate. Learning the basics of how to use the available weapons and your personal power levels against your enemies will quickly equip you to play this game, and, if this sort of game is new to you, the techniques you will learn here will also prepare you for other games in the same genre. The Ghost of Sparta is recommended for people who like adventure type action and who have the time to stay and just play long hours on their PSP killing their enemies and protecting their allies.