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Everybody knows Scooby Doo and every game that uses such a well known personality will probably be a hit, especially to the younger fans. You may wonder if the Scooby Doo character in the game is as lovable as the one you already know, only you can be the judge of that. Of course, as you would expect, Scooby Doo is the main character in the game but, as well as this lovable dog, you can take the part of all the other characters, such as Fred, Shaggy, Velma and Daphne.

The different characters all have different skills, abilities and powers, which you must learn to maximize at all stages of the game. The player should be able to meet objectives, find clues, and more importantly point to the correct suspect. As usual in this type of game, as you look for the correct suspect, you are faced with different challenges and games that you must win in order for you to advance to the next level. And of course each level has an increased level of difficulty. The graphics of the game are good, the leveling and set challenges are well done, and, at least for Scooby Doo fans, it is reasonably enjoyable as the game’s inspiration comes from the Scooby Doo stories with his many equally well loved companions.

It may not be as difficult as some other puzzle or challenge oriented games, but its simple fun even if perhaps aimed at the very young. Scooby Doo and the Spooky Swamp is a game for those who don’t need large doses of realistic violence in their games. It is gently paced, fun and relaxing but at the same time very challenging for the younger ones. You can also, perhaps more entertainingly, play this game with a friend.