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The Sims 2 Free Time is part of the Sims family of games, the type that allow you to model real world situations with all the problems that come along with these scenarios. This is an add on so you must already have the basic Sims 2 set up or better to play it The basic Sims 2 allowed you to build a city and manage all aspects of this scenario. Free Time requires you to take on the added task of keeping the inhabitants of your city happy by providing them with lots of different things to do.

There are up to ten of these activities for your Sims to get busy with, and with which to acquire and maximize skill sets. The more hobbies you undertake the more skills you amass leading to more points scored. Just keep on keeping them occupied. If this aspect of it sounds pretty mundane it’s because it is not one of the best themes in the Sims series, but don’t forget you still have a city to run with this added complication. This add on game does require a lot of thought and not a little creativity and use of strategic thinking to enable you to preserve and improve your city and keep its inhabitants happily occupied.

The Sims does not have the fast action of racing or adventure games, but you probably know this to be the case already, but fast action is not what everyone wants, but it is a busy game with lots going on. And, if nothing else, this game helps to pass the time peacefully and with a large amount of challenging goals and amusement. If this is the first add on game you have tried in this series don’t assume this is a typical example. You would be wrong to judge the whole of the series from this. This one is worth a try, so try it and then try some of the others.