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This 25th Anniversary Edition will probably become a collector’s piece and comes with an interesting, informative booklet which is stuffed with design pages, time-lines, story of the game’s birth and history, artworks and more. Although the disc contains previous SNES games that are repackaged into a DVD, which means the same gameplay and the same graphics, just like the ones you have seen before, it’s still well worth the money as the visual quality is crisp and the four games contained in the disc are still incredible fun to play. Also, with this edition, several control options are available this time.

To describe the overall content of the disc, it is a compilation of Super Mario Bros from 1 to 3 in a 16-bit rendition. An additional “Super Mario Bros. The Lost Level” is included which is actually Super Mario Bros 2 that was released in Japan. With its new visual presentation and sound effects, it also features Save Slots in the franchise, which means that you can finish the game anytime. The game runs for 26 minutes and the music CD contains soundtracks from Super Mario Bros. to Mario Galaxy 2, all-in-all 10 different themes and some memorable sound effects.

This unique memorabilia of Super Mario All-Stars is a sure bargain at around $30, or maybe less, look on a trustworthy comparison site, such as for up to the minute prices. You might be disappointed as it doesn’t offer something new, but for the avid Super Mario fans, this is a cool treat, and for newcomers it’s a feast of new fun. But, after all, the point of this item is to celebrate Nintendo’s 25th anniversary, and many people will be buying this not because they’re keen to play what they have already played before, but more as a collector’s item for someone collecting everything that’s either Nintendo or Super Mario.