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The basic idea of this game is to pick a song to dance to, take a grip of that Wii Remote and follow the dance moves on the screen as closely as you can. The Wii remote will track your movements and you’ll earn points based on your performance. Each move earns rating comments ranging from bad through to OK and good,right up to perfect. When the song ends, your total score will be racked up and your friends can then try to beat you. Various songs are included in this game which is suitable for a wide variety of players.

There are songs for teenage kids like Toxic, When I Grow Up, Girlfriend, for young adults such as Take Me Out, A-Punk, Move your Feet, and for older folks such as Viva Las Vegas, I Fell Good, Hot Stuff, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Although, there are familiar dance moves that you will have already come across from the previous releases, there are also new dances with new moves and new cool clothes and costumes; tunes such as Walk like an Egyptian and Sympathy for the Devil. Several play modes are available in this game.

Just Sweat Mode, which is not too energetic, for single players which is a set of six songs just for a work-out session and equipped with its calorie counter. There is a Quick Play mode which can be performed by a group of four dancing together. The Battle Mode allows a maximum of eight persons to complete in minigames. Classic, Duet, Simon Says, Medley, and Race also feature mingames.

Thankfully, Just Dance 2 is an obvious improvement from the past games. The basic presentation is still the same but the score system is better reflects the quality of the dancing and is more accurate and organized. The virtual dancers are all two dimensional, painted with neon colors to give them a disco feel, but if you are someone who loves to dance or work out, this does not matter. Overall, the presentation of this game is entertaining with some strange but excellent choreography and various original soundtracks.