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InviZimals Shadow Zone on the PSP is a game with a difference for those who already enjoy catching and fighting many and varied kinds of monsters, so if you are one of those people then look no farther. As you would expect the screen is filled with high quality beautifully colored displays and the action is fast and furious, not allowing a moment's distraction from the storyline. The action is presented in a somewhat novel way making a change from the some of the normal run of the mill games from this platform.

Your basic function in the game is to catch invisible animals, difficult when you cannot see them, not an entirely new idea, but it works well on this game, and then battling against them. Of course you first have to find them using various strategies. Each level works on the usual method, but with variations, picking up useful items which you can use in the later levels of the game. There are also lots of barely recognizable animals, differently disguised and of many appearances, which will often get you guessing as to which of them you need to catch and destroy next. Along the way there are also many challenges of differing types and mind boggling puzzles to solve for rewards and progress.

Having said all that, summing up, this game is a little more than the usual monster chasing and fighting kind, and is aimed at those who like to use their heads for puzzle solving and strategic thinking. Put into the mix its high quality graphics and well thought out challenges, and boredom becomes an unlikely outcome. Some may find it quite addictive, but this is true of all decent games, and this is one of them.