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This Ubisoft production is aimed at couch potatoes, people of a fuller figure, and those who are just plain unfit, who wish to change their condition,and is well suited to the Wii format. As fitness programs go its pretty good at giving realistic structured regimes, although it is worth noting that this program does not offer the same level of interfacing with the system as the WiiFit does. The program does not use Wii Balance Board or the Wii remote , it is really just a fitness video.

Your coach is known as Maya, and before the workout program begins Maya will ask you a series of questions which include your name, birth date etc. some of which are aimed at assessing your present state of fitness and health and to establish which type of exercise program best suits your needs. The questions are also intended to help Maya with suggestions about which goals you should be working towards. You will then be instructed to check your pulse rate and there follows a two minute session of the exercises chosen for you, following which you again check your pulse rate. After this warm up, if all is well, you are ready to get on to your first proper workout.

In My Fitness Coach:Get in Shape, there are six workout types: cardio, care body, upper body, lower body, yoga and flexibility. A selection of execises from these is chosen for you on the basis of your progress towards the fitness goal that was set for you, and your current well being. You can set a timetable to achieve your goals based on how committed you think you are. The workout types are mostly made up of the same exercises, but with some specific exercises designed for your particular fitness program. In the early stages of the workout the exercises are basically aerobic and dancelike routines, like the Grapevine-Step, Hustle Up amongst others as you progress, however, as expected, the workout moves from this initial gentle phase into more stretch oriented training.

With progress and as you become fitter, Maya will present you with exercises of a higher activity level to perform. The program is well designed with some rest periods in between the exercises. If you can commit your time and effort then you cannot help but become fitter with My Fitness Coach, but using it on a daily basis is really a must. There is one workout that is a little different from the rest and that is the yoga program. Maya does not recommend yoga in the early stages of the game as there are strenuous stretching exercises which for newcomers are quite demanding, and there are also some advanced yoga postures involved. However, there are some easy moves like the Monkey, Sunflower and Cobra which are relatively simple to perform.

Yoga for example can be difficult in the beginning so it is best that you are taken through at least some of the other workout exercises first. The program does have tutorials for all the workouts though you will not find them very well presented, and you can get by without them. The program's visual background environment is not marvelous to say the least, but after all it’s only a fitness program, and occasionally there is some annoying screen tearing, but it is tolerable. The program’s audio is well matched with the visuals, although the music is more like that which you would expect to hear in an elevator. This workout package does, like most of them, do its job if you commit some time and effort to it.

If you are looking for a fitness package away from the gym then this, although not perfect, will fit the bill.