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Playing this game on Wii brings out its full potential. The game has great campaigns, is full of thrills, and also has an online multiplayer that adds loads to the fun action rating. The game also has more online Modes than in some of the earlier ones in the series. There are some down sides to the game too; I found the campaigns, although well presented, far too short for my liking.

Occasional problems with the controls, though not serious, cause occasional hiccups. The graphics in the game convey a certain level of diversity and drama whereas they lack the sharpness you would hope for and expect. The game's controls are straightforward and customizable, with the occasional glitch as mentioned above. This is probably the best online shooter experience Wii has to offer as of now. The campaigns in this game require mobility as they are mostly set in isolated and far flung locations. Flexibility and superior firepower on your part are the keys to winning the conflicts you enter into. Here you will undertake a wide variety of actions allowing you to play more than one combatant.

The silenced weapons available and clever tactics are the orders of the day if you want to come out alive. Missions here require you to eliminate your adversaries either by direct combat or by quietly sneaking past them unnoticed. There are also full blown firefights through the streets of Middle Eastern where the demobilized tank and the bomb-demolished buildings are your only cover. In the missions the enemies constantly put pressure on you and dispatching them rapidly is the only way to avoid being overrun by superior numbers. In most levels of the game the terrain allows you to take a number of different approaches to any destination and allows you to have some freedom as to your onward progress. Unfortunately the campaign is over pretty soon, but there are replay options.

In the online mission the game is as it was in the previous Call of Duty’s mission. You will earn experience when you kill your enemies, accomplish objectives and when you complete a challenge. This allows you to unlock new weapons and to level up new perks and equipments. There are a lot of improvements in this game compared to previous one; some of these are the many online game types available. The modes also add some variety to the online scene.

One of the great drawbacks of the game is the occasional aiming problem. Your targeting reticule will snap on the enemy, then, the reticule in most cases jumps backwards instead of going towards the enemy and shooting. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is well scripted and is intensely exciting, hours of fun for fans of warfare games.