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This first person shooter is a game the highest quality with a lot of superior thrills and unexpected moments. Its multiplayer mode is well designed, and it gives you something to aim for online, and the audio and visual content is well above the average. However, the shortness of the campaign is unusual for a first person shooter. Modern Warfare has a story that looks better than the previous versions of Call of Duty. The game easily be finished in less than six hours, but you can decide to raise the difficulty of the game, giving yourself a bigger challenge and making the enemies more deadly, but I found that this somehow distracts from the enjoyment of the game.

The game’s great quality more than makes up for its lack of single-player mode. The story in this game is told from multiple perspectives. You can play as US Marine and British SAS operatives. This campaign takes you from a rainy night at the sea, on a boat that is in the process of sinking, to a missile store. It is up to you to save millions of people from the imminent nuclear delivered death. You will encounter many tricky situations in this world filled with war, but when your enemies are beaten, to your surprise, the world is left untouched and peace is restored. The action all through this game is straightforward, at the bottom of the screen there is a compass that shows the direction of your objective, but take note, moving from one point to another is not as easy as running in a straight line.

You will conduct huge assaults through Middle Eastern countries and you will be moving from house to house as you take out a never ending stream of enemy troops along the way. Here you will also get a chance to raid various enemy hideouts, looking for enemy leaders, using subterfuges such as making yourself look like one of the enemy. In the series you will also be expected to undertake bush warfare where you will be forced to crawl through the bush terrain, hiding as the enemy troops and their tanks roll past you. This is a breathtaking and nerve racking experience.

In this game up to eighteen players can get online and get into a match in 16 different locations. Many of the levels are taken from portions in the single-player as they offer unfriendly areas and cramped spaces where grenades and shotguns are the order of the day. The game has six modes which to choose from. Besides firing weapons and tossing grenades you earn yourself points for skilled tactical play. When you shoot three opponents without killing them, you are able to involve a UAV drone, with its upgraded radar it makes the enemy positions show up on your screen map for a limited time to assisy your attack. Regardless of the mode you are in there will always be something for you to work towards. The game is also available in Play Station 3 and PC and these versions are eported to play quite well, also with easy multiplayer setups.

If you are the sort of person who appreciates a first person shooter multiplayer, then Call of Duty 4: Modern Player is an above average game of its type and is recommended for you.