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This edition differs from the standard edition by having quite substantial, nearly three hours, footage of daring SAS actions and interviews with former SAS personnel, all this being well worth seeing more than once if you can drag yourself away from the game. There is also added material such as game walkthroughs and game history.

As for the game itself, it is a single player action game absolutely packed with thrills and a lot of really unexpected moments. The audio is of high quality and the visual presentation is terrific, however, the shortness of the campaign is unusual for an average first person shooter, though this is not a major problem. This Modern Warfare story looks better on the screen than the previous versions of Call of Duty. As to the above mentioned campaign shortness, anybody who is used to this kind of game can probably finish it in six hours or less, way too short for me, leaving the player wanting more from a game as good as this. It deserves better but it is still worth playing.

Having complained about the shortness of the campaigns, you can of course extend it a little if you decide to raise the overall difficulty of the game by giving yourself more difficult challenges against more dangerous adversaries, also making the game a little more entertaining than it already is. The story in this game is told from multiple perspectives. You can play as US Marine and British SAS operatives in a campaign that takes you from a rainy night at the sea, on a boat that is in the process of sinking, to a secret missile store, and it is up to you to save millions of people from the imminent nuclear-powered death. There are many difficult moments along the way in this artificial but realistic world that is filled with war. The action all through is straightforward and comes with a compass at the bottom of the screen that shows the direction to take to where your objective is situated. In spite of this you will find that moving from one point to another is not as easy as running in a straight line.

You will conduct huge assaults in the Middle East and you will be moving from house to house as you take out a never ending stream of enemy troops along the way. In this game up to eighteen players can get online and get into a match in 16 different scenarios. The actions are varied and in some levels you find yourself fighting in restricted spaces and cramped positions where grenades and shotguns are the order of the day. There are many modes which you can choose from, all of which, besides requiring the firing of high tech weapons and tossing of grenades, needs the use of brain power to undertake tactical moves to gain points. Under certain circumstances you are able to involve a UAV drone which has upgraded radar that makes the enemy positions show up on your screen map show for a limited time. Regardless of the mode you are in, there is always something to keep you on your toes and fully occupied.

If you like a first person shooter multiplayer, then Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one for your wish list. With the added SAS footage it’s well worth the money.