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This is a game for the very young or for you and your older friends after a few tinnies. As said above the game is really aimed at pre teen children, providing them with a variety of pets to choose from, some more attractive than others, and, having chosen their pet, they can then dress it up in many different clothes and accessories, some more appropriate than others. However the idea of selecting the pet they want to play with limits them to some degree because they must unlock the pets in order. When the game starts off each of the players are given three tickets for pets that they would like to adopt from the pet adoption centre. So they jump on the train to Pets Plaza where they watch the first three pets arrive. Then they will learn the names of the pets: Cuddliest Gray Tiger Cat, Cuddliest Bunny and Littlest Yorki or something equally unlikely.

When that is done they will go through a tutorial that guides them around Pets Plaza and teaches them how to buy in Meow Market, how to play in the Archade, earn Kibble coins, and how to dress up their chosen pets. They also learn how to get their pets to socialize with the environment and the people in it. As they go through the tutorial, they will see notifications and information about Meow Market popping out on the screen. The game has variety with over thirty different pets and you can toggle between four available locations at whatever time they wish. There are also well over one hundred different accessories and articles of pet clothing that they can use to customize their pets. Within the main game there are sixteen minigames that they can play with their chosen pet.

The controls used to play are the directional pad, the B button and the A button, making the game very easy for even very young kids to play. The game instructions use screen images to show them to do and what the purpose of the game is. They will keep getting messages on the screen as to what to do, and this can be rather annoying to adults but kids find, what seems like continual nagging, amusing. This game is made for those kids and adults, but mostly kids, who like dressing up or variations on the well worn customization theme.

All in all Littlest Pet Shop is a fascinating game for the very young ones but teenagers and above will not enjoy it except after a few beers with their friends when they can compete to make the most stupidly clothed and accessorized animal.