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The game delivers in a big way and unlike all the other Call of Duty: World at War titles the action in the game moves from place to place in sleek cinematic videos. This is a first person shooter brings with it all the characteristics that the other World at War games, such as the green/brown /gray color set, but as you come to the end there is pure cinematic flair and on screen action that is lacking in many of the other FPS.

The character Miller is on the US side at a time when there were attacks on the Japanese in the Pacific, following Pearl Harbour and America's entry into the war. Emphasis is put on this hard fought Pacific theatre of war but it also has action in Europe. In the Pacific oriented part of the game the action is at its most vicious and so in that part of the game you will be invading islands leading up to Japan and fighting very different jungle battles, not the usual type of warfare.

Unlike moving from building to building as is the case in Call of Duty 3 and 2, the combat in this game is about pushing through thick forests and impenetrable jungles fighting against enemies better trained for the terrain and almost suicidal in their will to win. When you locate them you will have to force them out of their caves and bunkers with the use of grenades and flamethrowers. This unusual sort of action adds to the appeal of the game. The European campaigns are equally action filled but lack the brutal and somehow claustrophobic edge of the Pacific campaign. The style and locations of the game is supposed to be based loosely on real actions and real places, and the pre-level cinemas actually show real footage of World War II combat. Missions in all scenarios are many and varied.

The controls on Wii of the World War are perfect for the game, which overall is a little slow moving for my liking, but don't let that put you off. The game is simply brutal with intense cinematic actions. No game delivers everything but this one delivers more than most with its almost worldwide actions.