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One of the best storylines and campaign modes of this genre its a bit differently constructed from the previous COD series. Although you still jump between characters the action is mainly focussed on the gamer taking the part of a Black Operations commando named, a little uninspiringly, Alex Mason.

The game begins the scene displayed on the main menu with Alex being strapped to an electrical machine for administering torture. The game relies heavily on suspense and so giving away too much in the review would certainly remove some of this important aspect of the game. But it is not giving away too much to say that much of the story is that of the gamer in the form of Alex Mason trawling through his memories trying to remember exactly what got him into the torture chair in the first place.

There are also the usual slow motion actions but they are sensibly spaced and do not detract from the action. The graphics are an improvement on previous games in the series with particulary impressive explosions. These are hard to describe effectively but are big and colorful to say the least. All other aspects of the visuals are also improved, the vegetation is particulary noticeable in this respect. Animations have also been subjected to better treatment.

Ranking up is still a large part of the game but now everything comes with a price tag, payable by earning points from kills and mision completions. Many accessories from aiming reticules to camouflage designs and face painting are customizable. Other points can be earned by gambling on the outcome of certain contests.

Black Ops is undoubtably the best game of its type with perhaps only the exception COD Modern Warfare 1. From what I've said you can be in no doubt that I recommend it extremely highly, it is an enthralling experience of a game.