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There are various modes of online play in the game ranging from various death match style game modes to capturing vital intel and co-op story mode which has you playing through the single player game but with other gamers playing the part of your team. At the start of online play you'll be able to create your character and how they look. With an Xbox Live vision cam you can place your own image on the characters face. You are able to edit your appearance or unlock extra equipment and clothing for your character by playing multiplayer modes. You can also re upload your facial image at any point in the online menus.


Attack & Defend: Two team fight for control of an objective - one team tries to steal it while the other defends it.

Sharpshooter: Free-for-all combat with respawns, player with most kills wins.

Team Sharpshooter: Two teams fight it out. Team with most kills at the end of the time wins.

Co-op terrorist hunt: You and a team of friends must locate and kill all terrorists on certain maps.

Co-op story: Play the single player story mode with friends as your team mates.

Retrieval: Two teams must find the biohazard canister and deliver it to their base to score points. Team with most points wins.

Survival: No respawns, last person alive wins Team Survival: Two teams compete trying to eliminate all members of the opposite team. Team with players still alive wins.


As you play through the various online modes you will be given points at the end of each round (More points for the better you do), these points allow you to progress through the various ranks. Each time you achieve a new rank you will unlock additional weapons, equipment and clothing for you to use on your online character. You can edit your characters equipment and weapons in the outfitting section of the online menu.