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The story hasn’t changed much, but the levels are basically all new. The feel of the game captures that of the the Bond movie style and the game again incorporates the innovative difficulty system which doesn’t just mean more abundant and harder to beat enemies, it also means additional objectives to complete, which lead you into areas of levels you might otherwise ignore. With four difficulty levels there is opportunity for significant replay value. You can even go to the ultimate retro approach with “007 Classic” which removes regenerating health. There is one problem with this difficulty system; the rules of its workings are not obvious.

The first mission begins with some classic Bond stealth play and then ramps things up with a scripted, exciting truck chase. Explosions, truck collisions, and guys getting whacked by car doors all happen in rapid succession. Then, the game returns to stealth for a while and then back to action. That is the general flow of the action followed throughout, but the best parts of the game are the really sneaky parts and the violent action parts. The inbetween bits, of which the majority of the game is made up, are a bit less interesting.

The complex, exciting set pieces, like the truck chase in the first mission, don't actually happen that often. There is plenty of opportunity to be sneaky, and vital to stealth are accurate headshots with your trademark silenced P99. The problem is they don’t work half the time. You sneak up on someone, line up the head shot, which then fails to kill them. Its sometimes best to change tactics and to assume your headshot will not be fatal, and instead of pulling off sharp one shot kills, to blast the target several times quickly to ensure fatality. The other problem with stealth is that enemies sometimes detect you when there’s no way they should be able to see you, and then shoot you through whatever you were hiding behind.

There is not much more to say, the story follows the usual Bond movie pattern, but of course there are variations on the theme in all games in the series. It is on a par with previous offerings and is perfectly playable and entertaining, but of course nothing can capture the magic of the movies.