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Don't hang about, go on a mission to get hold of a copy. Or failing that buy it online. Call of Duty: Black Ops is a game that has amazing storytelling with exciting action that will remain at the pinnacle of gameplaying for a long long time. New multiplayer is absolutely fabulous, and gives many hours of entertainment.

The story takes place during the nineteen sixties. You, as Alex Mason, wake in an interrogation room strapped into a chair having been fed drugs and electrically tortured. Monitors with flashing numbers face him and a distorted voice is heard commanding him to explain their meaning is. He is forced to relive in his memory the time when he was in the Black Operations special forces group. A deep story unfolds with many twists and turns and visits to past trouble spots.

Every mission in the single-player campaign is a memory that Mason must relive to work out what the numbers mean. These convoluted memories are a mixture of real history, but some are notsometimes intertwined with historical events and sometimes not. For added variety you take the part of other characters, who feature largely in Mason's memories, in a couple of the missions.

There is a new multiplayer mode and in this mode you can customize your character’s appearance, weapons, equipment and perks. These perks are abilities you may choose to improve on certain features, such as being able to run a higher than normal speeds. COD points are the currency you use to purchase new weapons, items of equipment and so on. The experience determines what level you are and what equipment is available for purchase and you receive them based on how well you do in the matches.

There are a dozen game modes within multiplayer. There are your standard deathmatches, territory controls and scenario maps, and each one has variantions. Another is Zombies, which is a co-operative mode in which you must survive wave after wave of the undead. There are various challenges that get in the way, such managing money you receive from killing zombies or repairing barriers, to getting better weapons and more ammo, or opening a new area of the map to get better items. There are other assorted challenges too numerous to mention.

The single-player campaign takes what has previously been achieved in video games through storytelling takes it up a couple of octaves. The fact that you mostly play one part, that of Mason, gives a feeling of personal involvement in. Then add the exciting moments that Call of Duty games provide, and you get a complete gaming packag.

If it just had a single-player campaign, Black Ops would still be top of its class adding multiplayer puts streets ahead. It also throws in a few minor changes and customization to make it pretty close to faultless. The controls have a good feel about them and pose no problems, most people can be happy with the controls and the game overall after only a few multiplayer matches. The Zombies mode is an added bonus.

Although Black Ops is a nearly flawless game, on a personal level I found the single-player campaign to be a little on the short side. But thats about all; anything else is pickiness and there is really nothing but the most minor personal quibbles. Top notch.