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It has been fifty years since the events of Fable II and Albion is now in the industrial age experiencing widespread hunger, oppression and general misery. The game portrays the ugly side of industrialization, children working in factories, beggars loitering on street corners and a cold blooded tyrant in charge. The son of Fable II’s hero plays the despot sitting comfortably on his throne while sucking the metaphorical life blood out of his subjects. They’re calling on their hero, that’s you, and, being a sibling of the oppressive tyrant, you have some control over a faction of military forces adequate to oust the despotic King from power and restore some sort of normal life to the land and its people.

The whole plot of the game is that of a a typical fairy-tale. Based on the original gameplay design of Fable, you face many combats on your journey, defeat creatures lurking everywhere, collect different hidden goodies, and discover the world of early Britain. Its fairly easy but it’s enjoyable. Fable III does not exactly resemble the standard Fable franchise; but it’s close. In this game you need to gather hordes of followers to move into the next level or move closer to the throne, unlocking new gameplay components, improving your hero’s attributes, and finally overthrowing the King.

To aid your popularity and increase you power base you have to do things as diverse as giving alms to needy beggars and shaking hands and making deals with high placed leaders. The game’s goal is not just to get to the throne, but to hold on to it. The people who helped you along the way come to demand that your promised rewards to them be forthcoming. You cannot simply ignore them; you must try to accommodate their demands.

Although any player, newcomer or expert, can finish this game without getting knocked down, it gives a chance to show off the ruler inside you. There are lots of things that can be done in the game. You can build a family, commit murder, work on odd jobs and even customize your own look. Because of its streamlined gameplay, improved graphics, and fluent animation it’s a step up the ladder from previous games and provides players with a lot of enjoyment.