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The game focuses on the magical side of the story with lots of salamander-freezing, ice sliding, toothed-book shooting and other unusual acts. Although the story of the game does not closely follow that of the film, it still has the central theme - Harry running away from the nasty Dementors.

Fight encounters may look simple, open-ended and not too hard. There are few opponents taking on Harry at any one time. The player easily takes them down by clicking the mouse over – it’s not that hard to eliminate enemies. However, there are some difficult puzzles in the game, like containing the enemies, tossing them and throwing them over the walls, or, harder, turning the flame into ice – overall, most of the action in the game is not very effective

The game has made it easier to cast magic. With the on-screen controls where players choose the spells, there’s no need to use specific mouse movements. Simply click over the spell and it will instantly be cast. The interactive objects are visibly at hand. The Expecto Patronum spell gives the player some challenge. When cast at the wrong time, this spell will be rendered ineffective. Correct timing is definitely needed to make this spell work. Objects which can be cast with a spell are easy to recognize as they have a big red chevron over them.

You get the impression that the whole game is a tutorial for some more difficult level to come, but unfortunately the game ends without that level appearing. This is especially so with the puzzles where the player is almost spoon-fed with the way out, but worth trying are the secret areas, where there’s virtually no way to solve the puzzles. These optional areas will certainly challenge the player. Almost all of the levels in the game are easy to accomplish and take little time to finish. There are a lot of challenging combats throughout the game. Harry must be able to get through them by collecting beans, pumpkins and cake which he can use to buy accessories in store. These items will also be used to gain access to the secret areas.

All Harry Potter enthusiasts will love this game. It has an improved graphic quality with detailed character animation and rendering. The game is set on an impressively drawn Hogwarts. Game textures and surrounding environment are awesome and are coupled with an impressive audio background. Voices and other sound effects are great and contribute fully to the overall impressive atmosphere of the game.

‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ has brought the magical story to the fingertips of every player. The enjoyable gameplay will be a draw to all Potter addicts, both adults and kids.