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Big Beach Sports offers tons of games to be played on the sands. Really a lot more fun than the basic Wii Sports, so you can expect a lot of sun, sand and sea. All your favorite beach games are included here; volleyball, boules, American football, soccer, disc golf, and cricket. Of course you don’t need to be a beach bum or even enjoy sport to play this in your home. I am not a great lover of any of the games but a quick go at each proved reasonably enjoyable. As with any compilation, some games are more fun than others, but these are all pretty well done, being playable either in single or multi player mode.

But among the six games, the American football is the most exciting as you are tossing the ball like a Frisbee. You can start off simply by playing non demanding single games and, eventually, when more practiced, you can join tournaments. Your career will be monitored and you can level up your games for more challenges. With tournaments, you will experience longevity which will make you want to play more. As you take on different levels in the tournament, you get different levels of difficulties and eventually get trophies if you play well and come out as the winner. I got a ton of them!

Big Beach Sports lets you create your own character, whose appearance you can alter. The graphics and audio are fine but not the best I have ever come across. It is also affordable compared to other games, giving you six games for the price of one. And, like a lot of simpler sports games its more fun after a few beers. Its not a game you want to play continuously but fills a gap.