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Another compilation of family games composed of several mini games including basketball, tennis, and others drawn from the better known simple sports to the more extreme games. Big Family Games makes access to these mini games easier and faster; now you do not have to purchase these mini games separately, everything is packed in this one title. These mini games, although short are extremely entertaining and the whole family will enjoy playing them either with or against each other. These mini games vary from sports and fitness to puzzle games.

There are actually a total of 24 mini games in Big Family Games. These games vary in their challenges, intensity, difficulty and excitement, and their fun value depends on your personal preferences. Most of the games can be played in single or multi player mode allowing interaction with others, up to maximum of four depending on which game you are playing. Games included apart from the more usual sports are water wars, RC trucks and planes, horseshoe throwing and many others.

The graphics are more than adequate and the overall presentation is good. Though the designs are simple the screens are filled with colors and realistic effects. The sounds and music are also well chosen and of real quality. Good family fun.