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Kinect Sports features six main sport types: Football, Bowling, Track & Field, Boxing, Volleyball and Table Tennis.

Football is a good place to start to illustrate the difference the Kinect system makes to p[aying these games. Unlike other video football games you use your feet. If you are in an attacking role you kick the ball either to pass or shoot; if in a defensive role you move from side-to-side trying to block passes; if in goal you need to use your full body to block shots. Because it's a game with a physical side to it, it is energetic, and, not needing a controller adds immensely to the sense of belonging in the game.

In Track and Field you get he usual Javelin, Discus, Long Jump, Sprint and Hurdles. Jogging on the spot to run, performing the relevant arm movements to throw. It's almost unnerving to feel the reality of the thing.

Bowling, Table Tennis and Boxing are also included. In bowling, you just mimic the normal bowling actions, reaching left or right to pick up the ball, aiming, then swinging your arm forwards. You can even apply spin.

In Table tennis you use your left or right hand as a bat, with a full range of ball control actions possible, such as spin and smash shots. Control is not perfect but if you have never used the system before you will be absolutely amazed.

Boxing is not so hot as the movements you make do not translate into sensible effects of punches landing; you might as well just be standing still and thrashing your arms around.

Last on thre list, Volleyball, is again not as good as the Football etc. You do not really get the feel of it.

There are also eight mini-games to play making it an all round experience.

Target Football is just penalty shooting against the clock. Kinect does an excellent job of judging shot direction.

Paddle Panic, requires you to face a relentless stream of balls across the table tennis table for you to hit back. They get faster as you go along.

The above and the other six are all as stand alones and these eight would have formed a package on their own.

Al this action can also be caught on camera and uploaded but viewing them as a replay needs logging in to a website.

There are some small issues with time lags but they are really not major when the whole thing is taken in context. Unfortunately finding your way around the menu is not so easy and you do need a bit of space between you and the screen, at least six feet for single-player games and eight feet for two players.

I was new to the Kinect system and was completey knocked out by by it. Go get this one, but, remember, you do need some other hardware to use the system and this is not included with the game, so check this out before you buy.