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This game not only does everything that's been done before but it does it better, from the gameplay point of view and technically. This particular package contains extras, mostly in the form of Top Gear videos and related stuff, with some add on accessories to enlarge the number of cars and suchlike. But the game is what matters.

Season Play is the central game mode presenting the player a number of seasons in which to compete. Each season has its racing calendar picked to suit your stable of cars. The main races take place at weekends leaving the weekdays free for planning and all the other business of a modern motor sport. On weekdays smaller events also take place where you pick an event from a small selection, more often than not consisting many stages set at different track locations, and these events play out over a few weeks, with the weekends reserved for World Championship events. Graded F-A, these need to be completed before the more challenging big money S and R series are unlockable, with the final R1 event requiring you to race in a 13 race marathon of an event. There is now a rewind facility so even if you come off the track on the last corner in the final race you can hit a button and go back in time.

Credits are earned for performances in single races and overall ending positions in events. These credits can be used to buy better cars or upgrading your present motor. Upgrading can be complex and often quite technical but you don't have to be an expert to get by. There are also all the usual features you would expect in a motor racing game.

For a game as deep as Forza 3, the number of options to match experience to your tastes and skill level remarkable. Skill levels can be mixed so a novice can even take on a champion.

The blurb boasts of over 100 tracks but from what I can see there are 22 track locations but each of these is furnished with various track layout alternatives. All the classic racing circuits such are covered and all the major car makers included. some of the tracks are a bit lacklustre, but the more creative ones are full of stunning scenery and beautiful sweeping corners.

There are also the usual in between bits to keep you interested, quick race and time trial modes, complete with leaderboards, viewable replays and downloadable ghost data so you can see where the best players are shaving vital milliseconds off of their lap times. There is even a video editing suite, allowing users' imaginations free reign to make their own footage and share it.

There's also a competitive eight-player online multiplayer mode. You can choose between circuit, oval, drag, road racing and drift, as well as Cat and Mouse and, Tag and Elimination. There are a ton of fine tuning options so you can set races up exactly as you want, with whatever restrictions you prefer, on car class, upgrades or racing assists.

Technically it all runs fine even at 60 frames per second. There's a little aliasing, which gives the game a bit of a rough edge, but so what. Load times could be better but that's not the end of the world. The audio throughout is excellent, with on-track sound effects putting you right into the action, while the in-menu voice over work does its job well. The included soundtrack fits well with the game's mood but you caan add your own music if it's not your cup of tea.